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Innovation News 2018 – 5 New Innovations!

Feb 20
Click below to download our 2018 newsletter. We pride ourselves in ‘meeting change with innovation’ and are now offering 5 new and unique innovations to farmers and fruit growers worldwide. Download the 2018 Newsletter

Martin Lishman tackles sugar losses with electronic sugar beet

Feb 20
Helping growers to lift sugar beet more gently can reduce the amount of bruising by 50%, according to international sugar beet processing co-operative Tereos. Their belief is that maintaining harvest quality helps reduce sugar losses which improves the competitiveness of growers and producers alike in a new post-quota sugar beet world. Building on over 25 years’ experience of reducing damage losses in the potato industry, Martin Lishman has used the technology developed for their successful TuberLog electronic potato to create the BeetLog electronic sugar beet. Working on behalf of Tereos, the company has created a device which mimics the size,

Fast crop sensing with Bluetooth

Jan 23
Martin Lishman have launched an instant crop temperature sensor as an upgrade to its popular Minitemp temperature monitor. Previously requiring cables running over the grain surface to connect to probes in the grain, or the labour-intensive process of walking the grain heap and pushing in a probe to take readings, Minitemp Blue uses Bluetooth technology to make the job simpler and a lot less time consuming. “The Minitemp hand-held monitor has been a great servant for many years,” says Martin Lishman Managing Director Dr Gavin Lishman, “and it will continue to suit applications that require a fast-response portable probe to

Beating climate change with new technology – Martin Lishman’s ‘green’ crop storage system

Jan 23
Martin Lishman is seeing in the New Year with the introduction of a new range of high output Pile-Dry Fans, a high strength addition with increased airflow to their Pile-Dry Pedestal range and further advances in their Barn Owl Wireless automatic fan control system. After more than 40 years as pioneers and experts in grain storage technology, Martin Lishman has taken another important step forward in supporting crop storage customers in their fight to achieve energy cost savings while still preserving grain quality, and significantly expanded the options for customers with fast-changing demands. New ‘Green’ range of crop ventilation fans


Jun 23
Does your moisture meter need a service? Martin Lishman has many years of experience in providing accurate moisture meters to farmers, and supplies the Protimeter Grainmaster. This was recently voted best for accuracy amongst farmers in the UK. It is ideal for measuring the moisture of grain samples and can be connected to various probes for quick moisture and temperature readings in the store. Additionally, Martin Lishman has been a dedicated moisture meter service centre for many years, making sure your meter regardless of make, is working and calibrated to known grain samples. Do you have a ventilation system in

The Crop Air Strike

Jul 15
The ability to lift pigeons off rape crops up to 300 meters away and scare all the crows within sight were instant results of farm trials of a new bird dispersal system, carried out by distributors Martin Lishman.   Birds are a major cause of damage to crops. Preventing this can be difficult and time consuming, and failure to do so can be expensive, so Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems have introduced a new system called Bird Instinctive Reactive Dispersal (B.I.R.D.). With previous models proven to be a valuable tool for farmers, the new B.I.R.D. system offers the latest refinement of bird

Martin Lishman Appoints Dealer Distributor Partners for Bourgault Tillage System

Jan 27
Martin Lishman Ltd, importers of the popular Bourgault tillage and drilling systems, are making changes to their distribution network for the range. The aim is to help customers looking to convert their cultivators and drills take advantage of the many new options available from the Canadian company. Manufacturer-fitted Bourgault parts, to machines in the Great Plains, Claydon, Sumo and other ranges, will continue to be supplied by manufacturer-appointed dealers. All other sales will now be directed through two main stocking dealers. The company has appointed J.Brock & Sons and Wallace of Kelso as dealer distributor partners for the UK and

Barn Owl Wireless helps tackle Audit Pressures

Jan 27
Barn Owl Wireless from Martin Lishman Ltd is the most advanced grain temperature monitoring and fan control system available. It is an effortless system that can easily outperform manual crop monitoring and significantly reduce the time taken to cool grain and reduce the energy costs of store management. Stores can be monitored and controlled from the comfort of the farm office or home, whilst ensuring that stored crops remain in optimum condition. Barn Owl Wireless has been installed in many situations including flat floor stores, drying floors, silo and bin complexes throughout the UK and in a number of European

Martin Lishman now an Accredited NSTS Sprayer Test Centre

Oct 23
Martin Lishman has recently been recognised as a National Sprayer Testing Scheme (NSTS) Sprayer Test Centre. The Martin Lishman NSTS testing team next to a Tractor Mounted Sprayer Comprehensive servicing and certification for all types of spray equipment can be carried out by the Martin Lishman Team at our service workshop to ensure sprayers comply with future legislative requirements. “From November 2016 it will be mandatory that all self-propelled and vehicle mounted spraying equipment will require an NSTS Test Certificate to satisfy the sprayer testing requirements of the Sustainable Use Directive. Think of this as a “Sprayer MOT” which must

New Micro Spray Increases Spraying Versatility

Sep 04
Combining control and power with responsive easy handling, the Martin Lishman Micro-Spray pedestrian sprayer is designed for all types of sports grounds, golf courses and landscaping work. The Micro-Spray brings a new concept in spraying versatility to the groundsman’s armoury. The Micro Spray is designed for all types of sports grounds, golf courses and landscaping work First launched in 2011, the Micro-Spray now comes with an upgraded specification, making it more versatile in a wider range of situations. A 120 litre tank with a 2.5m 6 nozzle, 3 section folding boom with break back and height adjustment, independent shut-off nozzle

Martin Lishman sprayer for ‘Grandfather Rights’

Jul 29
DKB Crop Protection Agronomists demonstrating how to use the Martin Lishman MS009 Sprayer Published July 2015 – DKB Crop Protection, based in Walworth, County Durham, used a Martin Lishman Mini-Spray Compact Sprayer to assist them with their ‘Grandfather Rights’ training courses earlier this year. DKB is a full-service independent agronomy team who provide crop protection solutions to farmers throughout the North East. Their aim is to achieve improved yields and profitability through best agricultural practice. The objective of the DKB ‘Grandfather Rights’ training course was to educate farmers in the use of mounted sprayers in agriculture, particularly with the practicalities

Bourgault Tillage & Drilling Tools – The Speed-Loc Adapter

Apr 22
Fendt and TWB ready for cultivation. Published March 2015 – Jonathan Stevenson of Robert Stevenson & Son, Thurlby, Lincolnshire purchased a bespoke cultivator from TWB Engineering, Sleaford, Lincolnshire. The manufacturer adapted the machine legs to fit the Quick Change System. He purchased the Bourgault Speed-Loc Adapter along with the 4 inch Quick Change Sweeps to fit to his primary cultivator. “The sweeps penetrate the land at a depth of 2 inches, we like to keep the system shallow to disturb the top of the soil and to allow the blackgrass to germinate”, comments Mr Stevenson. The land on Mr Stevenson’s

Martin Lishman – Something for every farmer

Apr 22
Published April 2015 – Martin Lishman Ltd, celebrating their 40th year of trading this year, offers a wide range of innovative and cost effective tools to help farmers earn optimum income from crops. Bourgault Tillage and Drilling Tools features the unique ‘Speed-Loc’ quick change system, which combines the speed of a knock-on point with the security of a bolt-on point. The ‘Speed-Loc’ adaptor ensures consistent depth and the spring-loaded pin prevents any loss. Used as standard fit on many UK and European tine cultivator manufacturers, Bourgault Tillage and Drilling Tools have also been retrofitted to a variety of other machines including

Protimeter Balemaster – An essential tool for Miscanthus growers

Apr 22
Published March 2015 – Terravesta, based in Lincolnshire, manage all aspects of Miscanthus supply. It is vital that crops supplied to them from growers are below 16% moisture content. Terravesta recommend that all their growers carry a Protimeter Balemaster, supplied by Martin Lishman Ltd, in their kit of essentials. “Miscanthus is an energy crop and if the moisture level is above 16% the crop cannot be pelleted and used as a fuel. This is why we recommend that all of our growers purchase a Protimeter Balemaster to ensure that crops are not rejected and also to avoid any financial and

Serving farmers for 40 years

Apr 22
Published November 2014 – Established in 1975, Martin Lishman Ltd are now celebrating their 40th year serving the agricultural industry. The company originally specialised in marketing innovative products connected with grain storage, pellet spreading and spraying. Gradually the business developed a strong position in the agricultural market as a manufacturer of specialist equipment for monitoring and maintaining crop quality. Products in the Martin Lishman range are practical to use, innovative and often unique. They have been introduced to the industry in response to the needs and requirements of farms in the UK and many other countries. The best known product

Sprayer Investment Earns Rewards at Beverbrook

Aug 15
Published August 2014 – Beversbrook Sports and Community Facility, near Swindon, winners of the IOG Best Grassroots Sports Facility of 2013, recently introduced a Martin Lishman sprayer to their range of turf care equipment. Adam Witchell, Head Groundsman at the state-of-the-art 96 acre site for two years, commented, “Previous spraying was limited to weed control sub-contracted out to a local company. Not only was this expensive but it also meant that we had no control as to what was being sprayed. Gaining control of spraying ourselves means we can now monitor and record the development of the turf structure of

Sprayer Improves Accuracy and Reduces Downtime

Aug 10
Published August 2014 – Martin Lishman’s Tractor Mounted Sprayer has proved a real asset to a rapidly expanding grounds and estate maintenance company, based in Hertfordshire. Matt Edmonds, Director of HorticMan Ltd, commented, “Previous spraying operations for a client had been carried out using a pedestrian sprayer and knapsack. The areas involved were large and the work took a long time, not to mention the physical impact on the operatives”. The company, established in 2006, has grown year-on-year and now have many high profile clients including Virgin Active, Waltham Abbey Royal Gunpowder Mills, First Capital Connect and TopGolf Game Centres.

FloorVent Combines Efficiency and Value

Jul 12
Published August 2014 – Grain store operators can achieve highly cost effective grain cooling using Martin Lishman Ltd’s latest FloorVent system, which is simple to install and vents hot air directly to atmosphere for optimum cooling. Much of the preparatory work for installing the system in new stores or new floors can be completed using standard materials sourced from building merchants, which can greatly reduce installation costs. The system is developed from the version of Pile-Dry Pedestal that Martin Lishman Ltd offers to vent storage bins, but can now be rolled out into much larger floor stores. It comprises fixed

Cost Effective Grain Level Monitoring

Jun 10
Published June 2014 – New to the range of Martin Lishman grain storage equipment is a simple, dependable bin and silo monitoring device, on display at this year’s Cereals event. Grain Gauge is designed to accurately monitor the level of grain in bins and silos. The system is easy to install and requires no electricity. As the grain reaches the activator on the device, it turns the colour from black to green – even glowing in the dark at night. When the bin is unloaded, the indicator returns to black. Multiple monitors can be installed up the bin or silo

New Sprayer Gets Top Score From Bath Rugby Club

May 18
Published April 2014 – Bath Rugby Club has recently added a Martin Lishman Compact Sprayer to the extensive range of equipment at their well-known ground ‘The Rec’. Darren Ball, Head Groundsman at the club, commented, “We decided to upgrade to a larger tank to reduce the number of re-fills during the spraying day. The 300 litre Tractor Mounted Sprayer is the ideal size for our applications and fits perfectly on to our John Deere Compact Tractor”. The PTO drive with 70 litre/min AR70 twin diaphragm pump has proved an added benefit, “The added power from the larger pump has made

Combating Heat Stress in Livestock

Apr 10
Published April 2014 – Specialists for 40 years in optimising crop storage conditions, Martin Lishman have extended their ventilation range to benefit the livestock industry. The StockVent system has been specifically designed to provide dairy farmers with products that maximise animal productivity, efficiency and health. Typically, a mature dairy cow generates four to five gallons of water per day in exhaled humidity. StockVent is designed to continuously remove this moisture as well as the heat and odours generated by dairy herds and replenish the supply of oxygen by bringing in cooler, drier air from outside the building. By providing the

New Demount Sprayer from Martin Lishman

Mar 20
Published May 2014 – The increase in capacity of UTV vehicles has led to the development of a 350 litre Demount Sprayer, now available within the extensive range of Martin Lishman Compact Sprayers. “UTV truck capacities are increasing and this machine is designed to get the most out of the carrying weight. Following customer requests for a mid-range sprayer we have designed a new tank that maximises capacity and gives improved all round visibility”, says Gavin Lishman, Managing Director of Martin Lishman Ltd. The 350 litre Demount Sprayer is suitable for a wide range of applications including golf courses, sports

Crop Storage Investment Earns Rewards

Mar 10
Published 2014 – When you plan to store grain from one season to the next in pursuit of the best prices, your facilities need to be up to the job. Farm manager Nick Johnson feels those at High Dyke Farm, Wellingore, which he manages for Dutch owners, are up to the mark, and help them hold onto grain and ‘play the market’. The farm is in two parts, a main block of some 400 hectares on Lincolnshire brash soils at Wellingore, served by a 3,000 tonne store and three 500 tonne bins, and  220 ha of heavy land South of

Storage Efficiency with Automatic Monitoring

Mar 05
Published February 2014 – Installing automatic monitoring in their grain stores is helping the Ireland brothers ensure the quality of the malting barley and other crops they grow, as well as relieving them of the time consuming job of monitoring stores manually. The Barn Owl Wireless system – supplied by Martin Lishman Ltd – fitted on their 7,000 tonne stores at North Rauceby Farms, near Sleaford, Lincolnshire, also produces all the data they need for both the farm’s ACCS and TASCC (Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops) accreditation’s: “It makes our storage and record keeping much more professional”, says Mark

Bourgault Switch Brings Benefits

Feb 26
Published January 2014 – Farmers are continually being urged to extract the optimum value from their machines, and farm manager Robert Hobill is aiming to do that by using a new 10m drill as both cultivator and drill. Robert manages Model Farm, Ditchley Park, Oxfordshire, which supports 2,500 acres of arable cropping – with soils being mainly brashy types with clay outcrops – 500 acres of organic grassland and an 850 acre forestry business. The arable acreage includes 200 acres in Countryside Stewardship, with half of the cropped area being under winter wheat, a quarter under winter oilseed rape and

Hot Box Sorts Spud Problems

Nov 29
Published November 2013 – Martin Lishman Ltd’s new design of Potato Hot Box enables growers to test tubers before they go into storage for disease, infections and bruising by subjecting them to both humidity and heat. “Hot boxing” is a reliable way of accelerating the onset of a variety of problems that can develop gradually in stored crops, and can help users exclude tubers that might cause problems in storage or be rejected on quality issues when delivered to customers. Adding the ability to manage humidity in the box to the existing ability to manage the heat means growers can

Compost Tea Beats the Tough Conditions

Aug 29
Linseed plot with no Compost Tea applied. Published August 2013 – Linseed plot with Compost Tea applied Applying Compost Tea to a linseed crop has yielded the best results yet, despite the toughest growing conditions in living memory. After several years of encouraging results with both winter wheat and oil seed rape on Justin Stafford’s farm at Little Bytham, near Grantham, Compost Tea has boosted linseed growth in the 2013 harvest resulting in a yield increase of 77%. In adjacent one hectare strips a typical linseed yield of 1.4 t/ha increased to a whopping 2.4 t/ha in the plot where

Compost Tea Provides Plant Tonic

Jun 26
Published June 2013 – Award-winning James Coles Nurseries is ensuring it is ready for the future by using an innovative, natural plant tonic that is helping reduce its use of applied fertilisers and crop protection products. The company has won numerous awards over the years for the quality of its produce, and aims to ensure that continues by continually searching for ways of improving its systems – which has included using Compost Tea as a plant tonic. Compost Tea – made with the Growing Solutions Compost Tea Systems supplied by Martin Lishman Ltd –  is a microbe-rich solution made by

Oakham School Cut Fertiliser Costs and Achieve Perfect Pitches

Jun 21
Published July 2013 – Groundstaff at Oakham School, Rutland have slashed their fertiliser costs by around 75% following a switch to using Compost Tea. An initial trial of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly turf care regime designed to improve the school’s sports pitches and grounds has been so successful in restoring the health of a selected trial area, that head groundsman Richard Dexter plans to roll it out across all the school’s sports fields soon. Oakham has 48 acres of sports ground, which include six cricket squares, grass nets, an athletics track and other sports during the summer, while

Return of the Potato Sugar Testing Kit

May 17
Published 2012 – After a break of several years, a potato sugar testing kit is once again available from potato quality equipment specialists Martin Lishman Ltd. The new kit, known as Glucolis Blue, makes it possible to carry out on-the-spot evaluation of optimal harvesting dates for potatoes destined to become crisps or French fries. Soluble glucose levels in different varieties can also be assessed regularly and easily, providing valuable input to storage management decisions. Based on the technique used by diabetics to test their own blood sugar levels, the original Glucolis kit disappeared when the reader being used was superseded