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Moisture Meter Maintenance

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Moisture Meter Service, Maintenance and Help

Moisture Meter Collection

Save money with regular servicing
Avoid deductions and the cost of overdrying by cleaning and servicing the Grainmaster i-S regularly. We service all makes of moisture meter to conform with quality assurance schemes, or you can do a simple calibration check at one of our moisture meter clinics. Click here to find out more

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Moisture Meter Service Workshop Procedure 

We carry out anything from calibration checks to complete machine re-builds. We provide a quote before performing major repair tasks and we don’t usually recommend work on instruments that are beyond economic repair. A typical service procedure includes:

  • Instrument dismantled and cleaned
  • Minor maintenance tasks
  • Replace worn or broken parts
  • Pressure check grinder/compressor unit
  • Check accuracy using reference samples
  • Issue service and calibration certificate and return instrument
  • Most service work is covered by our basic charge which includes return carriage (conditions apply).

We service most makes of moisture meter, including obsolete and older models of existing brands. If we cannot do anything to improve the performance of your meter we do not make a service charge just for looking at it.

Maroni MM

Marconi Moisture Meters

Although still in use on many farms, Marconi moisture meters have not been manufactured for many years now, and some spare parts are unobtainable.

Up to a point, we can service and calibrate them. We also make up and supply the two specific battery packs that these meters require.

Sinar MM

Sinar Moisture Meters

If you are returning a Sinar 6060 to us for a service, please do not send the plastic hopper as this is not required.


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Regular maintenance achieves best results 

Best results with the Protimeter Grainmaster i-S moisture meter are achieved by cleaning and servicing the instrument regularly and by using it in stable, constant conditions without large temperature fluctuations. It is also important to follow the practical advice on grain sampling and measurement given in sources such as the HGCA’s free booklet ‘Grain moisture – guidelines for measurement’ (see www.hgca.com).

To help keep the Protimeter Grainmaster i-S in tip-top working condition, it is supplied with a spare grinder-blade set and a free first year service voucher.

Whilst it is possible for a meter to give incorrect results due to calibration drift and error, more often problems result from non representative sampling, incorrect operation or poor maintenance.

The all in one grinder/compressor unit gives a consistent grind, uniform sample compression and ensures grain moisture is recorded accurately throughout each sample. To get the best performance from the unit, it is important to follow a regular maintenance schedule as shown in the video below.

Grainmaster quick guide to use

How to maintain the Grinder Compressor

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