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Moisture Measurement for Field Use

Professional Crop Moisture Measurement

For Field Use

STRONG and EASY to Use

The Protimeter Balemaster is a 2-piece instrument and probe that really stands up to heavy farm and industrial use. Pressure can be used to force the probe into tough bales, without risk to the instrument. Helps decide if bales are in a safe condition to store or for assessment at power station intake points.

Bale Probe 1

Professional Specifications
– Displays straw and hay bale moisture instantly
– 600mm long probe reaches the centre of big bales
– Suitable for all bales, including Miscanthus

Bale Probe 2

Balemaster and Temp Probe

Optional Temperature Probes for Grain and Straw
600mm probe for checking hay and straw bale temperatures. 1.5m grain temperature probe also available.

Ideal for WOODCHIP
The Protimeter Timbermaster is recognised as the best instrument for quick and simple woodchip moisture measurement. Supplied with a strong 600mm moisture probe to withstand heavy-duty use.

Timbermaster Button

Ideal for the COMBINE

Budget-priced, portable, robust meters ideal for checking trailers or drying progress. With whole or ground grain options, both meters give consistent repeat readings and can be re-calibrated to match other meters.

Field Check – Whole Grain Meter 

Simple scoop action with built-in pressure indicator and compressor. Results displayed in seconds.

Field Check Plus – Ground Grain Meter 

Integral grinding handle with measuring cups to suit the crop and pre-set grinding action. Easy display navigation.

Moisture Meters for the Grain Store

Moisture Meter Servicing

Grain Clinics