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Martin Lishman sprayer for ‘Grandfather Rights’

DKB Crop Protection Agronomists demonstrating how to use the Martin Lishman MS009 Sprayer

DKB Crop Protection Agronomists demonstrating how to use the Martin Lishman MS009 Sprayer

Published July 2015 – DKB Crop Protection, based in Walworth, County Durham, used a Martin Lishman Mini-Spray Compact Sprayer to assist them with their ‘Grandfather Rights’ training courses earlier this year.

DKB is a full-service independent agronomy team who provide crop protection solutions to farmers throughout the North East. Their aim is to achieve improved yields and profitability through best agricultural practice.

The objective of the DKB ‘Grandfather Rights’ training course was to educate farmers in the use of mounted sprayers in agriculture, particularly with the practicalities of the Martin Lishman sprayer and the mechanisms of the system. This was timed to help sprayer operators meet the needs of the Plant Protection Products (sustainable use) Regulations 2012 before the cut-off date in November 2015.

Danny Finch, Agronomist at DKB Crop Protection, commented, “Many of the farmers commented on the excellent build quality of the Martin Lishman sprayer. The pressure control system of the MS009 was very good and the versatility of the boom was an added benefit to allow us to spray at varied heights”.

The Mini-Spray MS009 de-luxe boom sprayer is the ideal solution for field margin and paddock spraying. The sprayer is supplied with a 6 nozzle 2.5 metre 3-section folding boom. Each nozzle has an independent shut-off. The machine is supplied, as standard, with a hand lance and 6 metre length of hose for basic spot spraying. The tank is fitted with a valve block to regulate the pressure and agitate the liquid. The MS009 is fitted with a remote switchbox to allow the machine to be switched on or off from a seated position.  The base frame of the sprayer is universal and can be mounted on all types of ATV racking.

Martin Lishman Ltd is now an accredited NSTS spraying testing centre. All new sprayers manufactured by them are fully tested to NSTS standards.

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