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Crop Quality Measurement

Crop Sampling and Measurement

Grain Sampling Spears

2 metre long 8-hole Spears 

Combined sample can be emptied through the top or individual samples through each hole. Holes open spirally, beginning at the pointed end, to maximise sample separation.

Solid Core Grain Sampling Spear – for drying bed profile and general crop moisture sampling. Holes begin 0.6m from the top of the spear. Approx. 290g grain sample.

Stretched Core Grain Sampling Spear – for lorry load profile sampling. Holes stretched along full length of the spear. Approx. 480g grain sample.

2.6 metre Single Head Spear 

For small samples at depth to use in moisture meters. Supplied in two screw-together sections.

Brass sliding head opens and samples at depth required. Approx. 50g grain sample.

Grain Store Airflow

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Casella Air Flow Meter

The Casella measures the flow of air blown up through a grain heap and emitting from the surface of the grain. Suited to under-floor systems and blowing fans.

Measures airflow in m/min and ft/min.

Hectolitre Weight

Hectolitre Measure 

On-farm assessment of hectolitre weight by weighing a known volume of grain. Simple and easy-to-use, giving high accuracy if used precisely.

Calibration and Check Weight Scales

Precision Hanging Scales  

Compact, rugged, accurate and easy to read.


Light duty – ideal for drill calibration 

  •  5Kg, 10Kg, 15kg and 50kg capacities
  •  Accuracy +/- 0.5%
  •  Increments 5g to 50g


Heavy duty – ideal for weighing large containers, sacks etc 

  •  20Kg, 50Kg, 100Kg & 200Kg capacities
  •  Accuracies +/- 10 to 500g
  •  Increments 10g to 500g

We can supply from a huge range of scales to suit hundreds of uses

Portable Pocket Scales

Large Platform Scales

Heavy Duty Hanging Scales

Forklift / Pallet Scales

Infra-red Moisture Analyzers

Counting / Stocktake Scales

Weighing Beams

Weigh-bridge / Axle-load Scales

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Crop Temperature Monitoring

Crop Environment Monitoring