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Crop Monitoring and Automatic Control

From hand-held monitors to a web-based wireless monitoring and control system, we have a wide range of solutions to your crop monitoring and automatic fan control requirements.

If you are storing grain for any period of time, it is important to understand the risk areas of grain temperature and grain moisture.

As the graphic shows, any grain that is not dry enough and cool enough will be at risk from insect infestation or fungal growth.

There is a safe storage zone (the hatched area on the graphic) which allows moist grain to be stored if it is cooled to about 5ºC or very dry grain to be stored at temperatures up to 15ºC.

The best option is to dry the grain to your target moisture and then cool it to as low a temperature as ambient conditions will allow.

Monitoring crops is vital to ensure good grain quality

Why is it so important to monitor stored crops
and control ventilation fans automatically?

  • Dry and cool quickly – avoid quality problems and extend storage life
  • Improve crop quality – avoid rejections or deductions
  • Easier store management – know when and where to use fans
  • Save labour time and cost – speed up monitoring and avoid unnecessary trips to remote stores
  • Reduce energy costs – only use fans when ambient air can do some good
  • Be in control – so you can decide when to sell your grain

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