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Compost Tea Systems

Growing Solutions are the pioneers of compost tea production and use

Pioneers of Compost Tea Production and Use

Growing Solutions in the USA has pioneered the production and use of Compost Tea since 1996. They work with several laboratories that measure the microbial, chemical and physical characteristics of Compost Tea made in their Compost Tea Systems and in the formulation of supporting products such as Compost Tea Catalyst. The systems are now sold all over the world and used in all types of the growing industries. On behalf of Growing Solutions, Martin Lishman Ltd are responsible for the manufacture and supply of Compost Tea Systems to countries outside the North and South America.

Growing Solutions’ Compost Tea Systems optimise the mechanical and biological processes of Compost Tea extraction.

Keys to successful Compost Tea production

High Oxygen Levels with Fine Bubble Air Diffusion

Fine Bubble Diffusion Technology

Growing Solutions Compost Tea Systems create the highest levels of dissolved oxygen. Tests have shown a consistent level of 13ppm throughout the Compost Tea brewing process. The systems feature Fine Bubble Diffusion technology using air discs located in the base of the tank and supplementary air diffusers which supply oxygen directly into the compost being used for extraction.

Compost is placed in the basket and suspended in the water so that the aeration system forces air through the compost and strips the microbes from the compost. The compost is held in one place so that the bubbles from the aeration discs can interact more easily with the compost particles. The mesh size of the basket is designed to allow bacteria and fungi to pass through but with only a minimum amount of compost particles. This makes filtering the compost tea during application much simpler.

High Quality Compost

MycoLife compost was developed to achieve a balanced, high quality compost suitable for making Compost TeaIt is essential that the compost used to make compost tea has been properly made up to BSI PAS100 standards to ensure the absence of harmful pathogens. The make-up of the compost should also be considered; high green waste content or high wood content composts can produce a very different balance of bacteria and fungi in the compost tea. This, in turn, can suit different types of application.

Specially formulated Compost Tea Compost, which ensures consistent high quality compost tea in every brew, is available from Martin Lishman Ltd.

Amount of compost
A very small amount of compost is required relative to the amount of water. The density of the compost will determine how much is required per brew, but the compost baskets in the brewer should be ⅔ to ¾ full. This typically means 3-5 litres of compost per 100 litres of water in the brewer.

Compost Tea Catalyst

Compost Tea Catalyst to stimulate microbial growth and diversityA key feature of Compost Tea Systems is a catalyst added during brewing to feed the rapid multiplication of micro-organisms stimulated by the high oxygen levels. Compost Tea Catalyst is a unique blend of ingredients such as seaweed extract and minerals formulated to stimulate microbial growth and diversity. It has been designed to suit use in organic production and carries OMRI certification.

Other components can be added to the brew, such as single species fungi additives to address a specific cultivation problem or fish protein hydrolysates to provide an added nitrogen source and amino acids for growth of the micro-organisms and to boost plant yield.

Water Quality and Temperature

Water quality and temperature is critical to ensure optimum compost tea productionUntreated rainwater at 15o-24oC  is the ideal water source. The warmer the water the more quickly and effectively the microbes from the compost will multiply. If chlorinated water from the mains supply has to be used, it should be aerated in the Compost Tea System tank for at least 30 minutes to drive off the chlorine before adding the compost.

Easy to clean

The Growing Solutions Compost Tea System is easy to cleanCleanliness is critical to successful compost tea use and application. Compost Tea Systems should be dismantled and cleaned after use to avoid a build up of anaerobic bacteria which can have harmful effects on the Compost Tea and the plants treated. The Compost Tea System has been designed to be easy to clean after each use.

The Compost Tea System Range

Compost Tea Systems
  • Improves soil and plant health
  • Users experience less disease
  • Improves root growth and penetration
  • 100% safe and natural
  • Helps achieve better looking plants
  • Aids nutrient recycling
  • Users reduce pesticide application
  • Cannot be over-applied
Compost Tea System 10 (40 litre capacity)

A basic but durable, entry-level compost tea brewer, ideal for gardens, small nurseries and research centres.

  • 40 litre capacity
  • 220v piston air pump
  • UV stabilized polyethylene tank
  • Polypropylene valves/fittings
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Weight 12Kg
  • Dimensions 51 x 51 x 71 cm

500g of Compost Tea Catalyst with a System10 is enough for up to five 40 litre brews. Needs 1.5-2 litres of compost per brew.

The Compost Tea System 10 is ideal for gardens, small nurseries and research centres
Compost Tea System25 (100 litre capacity)

A professional specification brewer, ideal for 1 ha areas such as gardens, nurseries, small farms, garden centres and sports fields.

  • 100 litre capacity
  • 220v diaphragm air pump (RoHS compliant)
  • UV stabilized polyethylene tank
  • Polypropylene valves/fittings
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Weight 41Kg
  • Dimensions 94 x 94 x 117cm

2Kg of Compost Tea Catalyst with a System25 is enough for up to ten 100 litre brews. Needs 3-5 litres of compost per brew.

David Millais of Millais Nurseries and Michael Alms of Growing Solutions, with the System25
David Millais applied compost tea to his award-winning Rhododendrons
Compost Tea System100 (400 litre capacity)

Ideal for 5-20 ha gardens, nurseries, mid-size farms, landscape contractors, commercial growing operations and sports facilities.

  • 400 litre capacity
  • 115/230v 50/60Hz air pump
  • UV stabilized polyethylene tank
  • Polypropylene valves/fittings
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Weight 114Kg
  • Dimensions 163 x 137 x 140cm

4Kg of Compost Tea Catalyst with a System100 is enough for up to five 400 litre brews. Needs 12-20 litres of compost per brew.

Compost Tea System100 in use at Oakham School
Oakham School Compost Tea trial site
Compost Tea System500

Ideal for large growing operations, large sports facilities and golf courses.

  • 2000 litre capacity
  • 115/230v 50/60Hz air pump
  • UV stabilized polyethylene tank
  • Polypropylene valves/fittings
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Weight 250Kg
  • Dimensions 228 x 202 x 157cm

20Kg of Compost Tea Catalyst with a System500 is enough for up to five 2000 litre brews. Needs 60-100 litres of compost per brew.

Compost Tea System in use at Real Madrid Football Club
2000 litre Compost Tea system in action

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