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Barn Owl Wireless

The most advanced automatic fan control and crop monitoring system available.

Key Elements of Barn Owl Wireless

  • Temperature and humidity sensors fitted with radio transmitters transmit data to a Gateway (hub).
  • The Gateway sends the data by GSM signal to the Internet where it can be accessed.
  • Control parameters are selected on the user’s webpage.

Barn Owl Wireless in Crop Storage

1. Temperature data in the crop store or silo is sent from the store to the user’s webpage.

2. Data on the webpage is accessed via the Internet.

3. Fan controls are selected on the webpage.

4. Fans are controlled automatically by the webpage.

Benefits of Barn Owl Wireless for crop storage

Labour saving, energy-efficient cooling and drying

  • Automatic control of many types of crop storage equipment including cooling and drying fans, ventilation systems, generators and crop stirrers.
  • No manual crop temperature measurement.
  • Independent control of ventilating fans to provide significant energy costs savings.
  • Monitoring temperatures throughout the storage period ensures efficient use of cooling and drying fans and conforms to quality assurance schemes.
  • As cooling and drying progress, monitoring indicates which areas of the store require further attention.
  • The programs control the fans so that only air good enough to cool and dry the commodity is used for ventilation.
  • Using Barn Owl Wireless, grain starting at 25-35oC can reach 15oC 13 days after harvest and 5oC as early as the end of November.
  • All fans are controlled independently in relation to each individual crop sensor, and only when ambient air is suitable, this means that fan use is as efficient as it is possible to be.

Flexible, modular system, for all types of storage

  • Barn Owl Wireless can be installed in flat floor stores, drying floors, silo or bin complexes, potato stores, compost and many other types of monitoring and control situations.
  • Modular system with no limit to the quantity of sensors or automatic fan controllers.
  • Fans are controlled independently and automatically according to the stored commodity requirements using a selection of cooling and drying programs.

Secure data transmission, storage and retrieved

  • Verifiable quality assurance records, with read-only online access for storage customers.
  • Robust data transmission to ensure no data or control signal is lost.
  • If the GSM network is out of action, the Gateway retains all data, continues automatic fan operation and transmits the data when communications are restored.
  • All data is stored and backed up in secure web servers on the Microsoft cloud network. Loss of data from such a storage system is virtually impossible.
  • Data can be retrieved and downloaded at any time in both graphical and tabular formats to suit quality assurance needs.

Web-based System

  • Entirely web-based system – no software to install. Barn Owl Data website available in three languages: French, German and English.
  • All store or silo locations managed from the same webpage.
  • The user configures automatic fan controllers remotely via the internet from the Barn Owl Wireless webpage.
  • The data service is provided under a flexible contract basis. Additional benefits include system upgrades, an on-line alert facility, additional log-on facility for multiple users (such as contract storage customers) and access to data from any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone (not Blackberry) anywhere in the world.

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