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Does your moisture meter need a service?

Martin Lishman has many years of experience in providing accurate moisture meters to farmers, and supplies the Protimeter Grainmaster. This was recently voted best for accuracy amongst farmers in the UK. It is ideal for measuring the moisture of grain samples and can be connected to various probes for quick moisture and temperature readings in the store. Additionally, Martin Lishman has been a dedicated moisture meter service centre for many years, making sure your meter regardless of make, is working and calibrated to known grain samples.

Do you have a ventilation system in place?

Martin Lishman pioneered the use of Pile-Dry Pedestals and Fans, the original vertical crop ventilation system, over 40 years ago. Working by sucking cool air through the stored crop and dispersing the warm air out of the heap to achieve safe storage conditions, the Pile-Dry Pedestal design is flexible and modular, meaning they can be placed in almost any store, new or old. This is particularly helpful if a store was built with no crop ventilation system in place. A screw-in Trouble-Dry spear version to tackle hot spots and the new FloorVent system for new floors are also available.


How can I maintain high quality grain?

Once the crop is stored and ventilation systems are in place, it is still essential to monitor the crop to ensure no hotspots appear, that the temperature and moisture is consistent throughout the store and grain quality is maintained. Martin Lishman offer systems to monitor stored grain that cater for a range of budgets, from a simple temperature monitor and probe, to a fully automatic wireless monitoring and fan control system.

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